Christmas Season · SEASONS

Prepare the way of the LORD Day 1


CHRIST is CHRISTMAS. He is the reason for the season. A time to prepare ourselves for HIS birth.

COMMITMENT. Christ wants a committed heart, always ready to say yes to any Christian responsibility.

COMPASSION. Christ wants a sympathetic heart to help those in need. Everywhere, every day, we learn of people suffering, in our own communities and in communities throughout the world. It is difficult not to be aware of all this suffering, a compassionate heart is an answer to all the sufferings.

CHARISMATIC. It is one of Christ’s characteristics. He wanted us to be like Him so we can live a life in His fullness.

CARE. Care for the elderly, homeless, sick, dying, family or a person in need is what we need to do in preparation for His birth.

CONTENTMENT. To have contentment is a beautiful way of expressing love for life.

CLEMENT. Ask and give mercy this coming Christmas. It is time to mend your broken relationship to Christ and even to your loved ones.

COMPOSED. Christ wanted you to be calm so His Spirit will flow freely in your soul.

CELEBRATE. Celebrate life and be THANKFUL for all the blessings.

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